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Pressemitteilung von WDP

In der heute veröffentlichten Pressemitteilung von WDP, erklärt der Hersteller aus Manchester welche Teams in der Saison 2005 weiterhin WDP gesponsort sind. Die gesponsorten Teams werden nicht nur in der Pressemitteilung genannt, sondern ihre Erfolge des letzten Jahres sind in hochlobenden Text verpackt.
The beginning of Last season saw WDP teams targeted by rival manufacturers. Teams like Dynasty, Stoned Assassins, Avalanche, Russian Legion and Fat ladies Charms were all picked off in big money deals, and WDP were faced with rebuilding their entire stable.
In '04, New Pro-team Arsenal were formed and quickly replaced Dynasty as WDP's #1 US Pro Team. Arsenal had an incredible start to the season placing 4th at their first ever event, NPPL Huntington Beach '04 and went on to win their first NPPL event in Madrid, beating Dynasty in the final. Arsenal ended their first season ranked 5th in the NPPL Pro series after holding 2nd place all year.
WDP's top European team, Joy Division had their best ever season in 04 and finished the season placed 7th in the NPPL Pro Division making them the highest ranked European team in 04. They also placed 2nd in the EXL , losing only to the formidable Russian Legion throughout the entire EXL Season. Playing as Team SWEDEN, Joy also successfully became Nation Cup Winners for the 5th year in a row in Madrid, defeating Team USA.
Team Rage made the change to Angels for the '04 season and after 5 NPPL Event appearances finished up placing 8th position in the NPPL Pro rankings with all eyes set on doing some serious damage in '05.
New team ‘The Edge', made up mainly of Hostile Kids (HK Army) and WDP's own CJ Jackson, emerged as serious Amateur contenders. MOD, Texas Nitro, Bliss, Porn Kings (Norway), Syndicate (Germany), Derange, Richmond Riot, Chop Shop, Circle Factory and Black Mamba's (Mexico) all joined the WDP stable and have impressed their sponsors.
WDP are pleased to announce that their sponsored teams will remain the same for '05, and what a season it looks to be!
Arsenal have been training non-stop for the entire winter. Moving to the sunny climates of San Antonio and living in connecting apartments, the guys have been under the strict training programs of Tony Baretta, former PRO Baseball Player and owner of forthcoming MVP Sports Park, also based in San Antonio. The Arsenal guys have been put through intensive training on the paintball field and in the gym, improving speed, agility and strength and are now ready to be unleashed for the '05 season.
Joy Division spent the harsh Scandinavian winter at indoor fields training 5 times a week using their forthcoming product, Reball, and have been streamlining themselves for an all out assault on the '05 season. As a reward for their hard work and to assist them in their NPPL ambitions WDP has signed a big money deal with Joy for the 05 Season. Magued Idris, Team Captain and Coach, made the trip over to WDP recently to sign the contract. He said of the new deal, "To be backed up by the best marker in the World and all other things WDP brings is just a blessing. We are excited that we will wear the Airtime Apparel and shoot the Angels, and we are grateful that WDP is giving us the opportunity to compete against the top teams in the US. WDP shows us again, as they have done for 8 years, that they believe in us. They have built this team from the start and we will not disappoint them!"
As if all this wasn't enough, Team Rage have been rumoured to make at least one big name Pro signing going in to the new season. Talks are in place and nothing can be confirmed as of yet, but we can rest assured that Rage will be one of the most aggressive and exciting teams to watch on the circuit this year.
WDP look forward to an action packed season with such an exciting selection of sponsored teams on board and wishes the best of luck to them all.
WDP's Sponsored Teams can be seen in action at the NPPL Super 7 World Series Huntington Beach 2005 event and throughout the entire series. See www.wdp.tv or www.nppl.tv

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